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A/C Repair

A/C Diagnostic – Call for an appointment

Recharge A/C - $79.00

Evacuate, Recharge, and Add Dye A/C - $159.00

  • We only use new, OE equivalent parts on all our A/C repairs - no rebuilt compressors.

  • 3 Year Warranty on a/c compressor.

  • Evacuate and recharge a/c every three years. Moisture in the a/c system combines with the chlorofluorcarbons to produce an acid that is harmful to your system.

  • If your compressor is cycling off and on rapidly, your a/c charge is low and overworking the compressor. 

  • Come in and get the system tested and recharged before the compressor burns out.

  • Engine vibration and age will cause the a/c seals, o-rings, hoses and fittings to become loose or brittle. A little preventive maintenance will extend the life of your a/c system and put off major repairs. Come in for a pressure gauge reading and leak test.

  • If the a/c problem is electrical, we will be able to diagnose it.  There is an electrical diagnostic charge.

Helpful points to keeping your A/C in running order

Change the cabin air filter regularly before it blocks the flow of your a/c air.

Window tinting including the front windshield helps to reduce the a/c use and saves on gas.

Recharging your a/c system with the a/c recharge cans with sealant, seals the entire a/c system and all the components will have to be replaced.  We strongly advise against using these types of products.